Applying for a Library Card

We are happy that you have chosen to become a member of the Mineola Memorial Library by applying for a library card.  As we are a village library, our funding and management directly depends upon the Village of Mineola,   Therefore, membership in the library is extended only to residents or property owners of Mineola.  If you are a member of the Mineola School District you must also be a resident or property owner in Mineola to become a member.


  • Please fill out the top half of the Mineola Library Card Application Form and sign it.
  • Present the completed application to the Circulation Desk along with 1 proof of identity with your Mineola address. This proof can be satisfied by showing:

Proof of Identity (government-issued photo identification):

  •  A current NY driver’s license, temporary license, non-driver’s ID, learner’s permit
  • If the proof of identity does not have your Mineola address on it, you must also supply a proof of residency. This proof can be satisfied by showing:

  Proof of Residency (showing your name and Mineola address):

  •  The deed to a house if you are a homeowner, or a copy of your rental agreement.
  •  A current utility bill (gas, water, electric, phone).
  •  Official mail sent to you at your Mineola address from the Village or any government agency (tax bills, water bills, etc.).
  •  Current bank or credit card statements.


  • Property owners who are not residents may apply for a card upon presentation of a current tax bill or receipt.  Patron’s library record will note that he or she is a taxpayer.

  All information provided must be current and indicate your name and the Mineola residential property address only. We regret that Post Office Boxes are not acceptable to establish residency.


  • Please fill out the top half of the Mineola Library Card Application Form with the Child’s information and signature.
  • The bottom section must be completed with the child’s birthdate and the parent/guardian information, internet authorization, and signature.
  • Both the child and parent/guardian must be present when applying.
  • Children must be at least 4 years old and able to write their first and/or last name.

Parent/guardian must have a library card or be eligible to receive one and show proof of identity and residency.

The Mineola Library Card Application Form is available both online and at the Circulation Desk.