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Do you like science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, comics, gaming, or anime?  Then come join us at MinCon!  MinCon is a pop culture convention taking place at the Mineola Memorial Library.  Please join us for our first convention!

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When: Saturday, August 2, 2014, from 10:00AM-5:00PM

Where: 195 Marcellus Rd., Mineola, NY 11501
Map & Directions to Mineola Memorial Library

Floor Plan of the Mineola Memorial Library

Price: FREE

ParkingMineola Intermodal Center (located at the LIRR’s Mineola Station) ($6 per day, up to 20 hours)
Walking Directions from the Mineola Intermodal Center to the Mineola Memorial Library

Public Transportation: Take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to the Mineola Station, or the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) buses: N22, N23, N24, N40, N41, N78, and N79.
Walking Directions from the Mineola Intermodal Center to the Mineola Memorial Library

Costumes/Cosplay is encouraged!  Please read the Costumes/Cosplay Rules before attending.  By attending MinCon, you give your consent to be photographed and appear on camera for the press/media.


Brittany Lauda - a New York-based voice actress (Mirim, Queen’s Blade Rebellion, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom in the official My Little Pony app series on IOS).

Brittany Lauda

Yoshi Amao - An actor, martial artist and comedian from Nara, Japan. He moved to New York in 1990. He is the founder of the performance group, Samurai Sword Soul (SSS), and the exercise group, Samurai Boot Camp!(SBC). They have performed in several states in the US. Following the group’s success, Yoshi obtained the title character for the TV series, “Samurai Sportsman” on Outdoor Life Network. He was then invited to host reality game show, Big In Japan, which played in several European countries. Theatre credits include the leading role of Rogue and co-choreographer in DEADLY SHE-WOLF ASSASSIN AT ARMAGEDDON!, which was highly acclaimed by New York Times. His latest hosting game show, “Japanizi Going Going Gong” has been aired on Disney XD Channel.

501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison - officially recognized by Lucas Film as their preferred Star Wars costuming group.



Ian Rubin - Comedian, Actor, sexy Hobbit!  Ian Rubin is extremely thrilled to make his debut at MinCon.  Host and founder of UProv Comedy, he has been traveling all around the east coast, entertaining crowds of geeks, and expressing what it is like to be a nerd when no one around him understands!  His stand-up focuses around the important issues such as:  Why does he only get Pidgey’s in “The Wonder Trade”?  Why does the song “Tank!” groove so hard?  And for the love of everything, why do some people think it is okay to just pick someone up?  (I MAY BE HOBBIT SIZED, BUT THAT IS NOT AN INVITATION TO “TAKE ME TO ISENGARD.”)  Ian is the greatest comedian ever*, you can see him at his Stand-Up Comedy Show, and hosting the Cosplay Fashion Show.  Hope to see you there!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gabel

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gabel

Shadows of the Paranormal - a Long Island based non-profit organization that scientifically researches paranormal claims and is comprised of members with many years of investigative experience.

Shadows of the Paranormal


Adam “Christopher” Tilford - Adam “Christopher” is a New York based author and animator. His published books include his sci-fi novel series, Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul & Shattered Heaven: Shadows of Existence, as well as Adobe Story Starter. In 2013 Adam debuted the animated web series adaptation of his series on Youtube. Find out more about Adam at http://www.adamtilford.com and more about Shattered Heaven at http://www.shatteredheaven.com.

Adam Tilford

Uzuhi - Far East from their Mother Land, in New York City, The Japanese Pop Punk Rock band, UZUHI, was born in Fall 2004.  UZUHI means “the Sun” in Japanese.  The origin of the name came directly from their strong creed of music, “Music Has No Borders.”  As the Sun shines the world borderlessly, UZUHI plays Music for the world, for This Generation.

Sara Varon - Sara Varon is a printmaker, illustrator, and children’s book author living in Brooklyn, New York.  Her books include Robot DreamsBake Sale, Chicken and Cat, and Odd Duck.  You can visit her online at www.chickenopolis.com

Sara Varon

Sara Varon

Robot Dreams

Chris Van Wickler - Are you a fan of Game of Thrones or interested in medieval warfare?  Then join Chris Van Wickler for his “Tales of a Knight” panel about what knights wore and used in battle, with hands-on examples of handmade arms and armor.  He will also be running chainmail making demos at his table throughout the day.


Clive Young - Clive Young has covered the music industry for 20 years at Pro Sound News and Pro Audio Review, where he is managing editor. He is also the author of Homemade Hollywood (Continuum), which covers the history of amateur genre filmmaking, and Crank It Up (Backbeat), which profiles more than 70 sound engineers on tour with everyone from The Rolling Stones to Beyoncé.  He will present his “The What, Where and How of Doctor Who” panel at MinCon.

Doctor Who

Artists’ Alley:

Francis Bonnet is the creator, writer and illustrator of the innovative and laugh-out-loud comic strip SUBURBAN FAIRY TALES, which continues to immerse readers in the modern day high school adventures of their favorite fairy tale characters.  In addition to having three books published in the series (with a fourth coming in July), SUBURBAN FAIRY TALES is regularly featured in other comic publications such as RAYTOONS CARTOON AVENUE and THE FUNNIES.

Luca Federici Carey

Luca Federici Carey - does surreal fantasy/science fiction illustration with the intent to recreate the feeling of dreams, psychedelic states, and religious experiences.  His work can be viewed at RAINBOT, or on Facebook at Luca Carey Illustration.

Gene J. DeCicco is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and attended the High School of Art & Design as well as The School of Visual Arts in NYC.  Gene was given some small projects to work on at Marvel Comics to perfect his skills in storytelling, anatomy, inking and editing.  Gene has gone on to work for Image Comics, Motown Records, Simon & Schuster, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Saturday Night Live, Tums, Panadol (international) and many others.  Gene brings to his work his love of the medium of sequential imagery. Gene lives in Long Island, New York, with his loving wife and two sons (a corn snake, Australian bearded dragon and baby painted turtle too).

Rebecca Friedman is the founder of GraphicAnime®.

As Director/Animator of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: RETURN TO MAYHEM, she animated a vignette inspired by the film THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: GENESIS OF EVIL, that is based on characters appearing in THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES graphic novels. She has collaborated with creator and executive producer Bryan J. Kinnaird to create the animated short to a worldwide fan base of VC franchise enthusiasts.

Rebecca has animated and directed animated shorts for the radio personality The Greaseman Show and is the web comic illustrator for the Adaptation of Griffith Picture’s award winning movie “Cockpit:The Rule of Engagement.

With a Master of Science degree, Rebecca Friedman has freelanced with 3D Mirage in 3D modeling and 3D Animation. Her professional portfolio also includes 3D animation for the FIAO (Federation of Italian American Organization). Additionally, she is a writer, composer, character developer, programmer, college lecturer, and creator of LOVELY DEMON: DEMONIC- REAPER CHRONICLES, an original Manga comic book and cross-interactive media venture published under her GraphicAnime label and under her pen name ZANNY LANE®.

Aremo Massa is a NYC native, and DIY creator and publisher of a comic book series called “The Remnants”. Growing up on a healthy dose of comic books, fantasy sci-fi flicks, and of course video games, much of his youth was spent trying to mimic the art from all of these mediums. Eventually, he began creating things from his own imagination and it was during this time, a story of magic and mystery, “The Remnants”, was born.

Nyaasu - draws mostly cute animals and video game fanart.  Artwork prints, stickers, pins, etc. will be available.

Hudson Chanoine - known as Chan13Hud on deviantART.

Derwin Roberson

Derwin Roberson is a Freelance Illustrator living and working in NYC. Over the past 16 years under the pseudonym Blue Hanzo, he has worked on a variety of projects including illustrations for doujinshi, video games, childrens’ books as well as movie production art. A child of two cultures, his artistic influences vary from Naruto and Macross, to The X-Men and Star Wars. He can be reached at bluehanzo.derwin@gmail.com and http://bluehanzosdojo.blogspot.com.

Taylor Russo & Kaitlyn Schmidt - digital art, miscellaneous “kawaii” merchandise including cell phone charms/dust plugs, keychains, key covers, jewelry figurines and handmade clay charms.

Walter & Joan Hobbs Art Gallery:

Join us downstairs in the Mineola Library where Kelly Gordon and Jen Scrimenti’s artwork will be on display in our gallery!

Kelly Gordon; Artist name McKel Supreme

He is an artist’s/writer, self-publisher and cofounder of Night and Day Anime Studios. A freelancer for over 10 years, McKel Supreme worked on a variety of projects and continues to promote and offer great quality work to his clients. But with the burning passion since a child to self-publish his own stories and drawings he set a goal to create a Indy comic book company called Night and Day Anime Studios. Author of his own urban anime comic book series called “Jus Blaze – Legend of the Fiery Fist!” It’s about a man with ability to manipulate fire at will with his fists in the urban slums of Brick City with no memory of his past. He is confronted by hoodlums, thugs and gangstas that always seem to gain notice of his abilities to the residents of Brick City. McKel does hope someday to have an animation series and video game based on his book. Want to see how HOT Jus Blaze truly is? Well come by Mineola’s MinCon to find out. You might JUS get burned. www.facebook.com/NightandDayAnime


McKel Supreme

Jen Scrimenti; Artist name J Scribble

Cofounder of Night and Day Anime Studios. Over the years, as a teen, she developed a passion for the arts through watching various Japanese anime cartoons, as well as through video games. The video game that gave her the most inspiration was the Megaman series. She was very interested in the game’s characters and use of storyline.  Today several of her characters have a Megaman style to them, as well as another one of her favorite animes; Dragonball Z. She began to draw around the age of 15, having no prior practice or lessons in how to draw. From watching anime and other cartoons, Jen also developed a liking for story writing. Linking these two skills together, she began to create her own comic series called Reign Star. A graphic novel about a little girl name Rainy. She is the Princess of her alien race called the Rubians. One day war struck her home planet. Her people extinguished due to an galactic tyrant who wants six sacred gems for the ultimate power. Want to hear more? Just come on by and check it out! www.facebook.com/Reignstar01


J Scribble

Traveling Exhibition:

The Museum of Interesting Things (presented by curator Denny Daniel) - a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions inspiring innovation and creativity – learning from the past to invent a better future.  Includes “steampunk” antiques, such as a steam engine and a telegraph.

Museum of Interesting Things

Face Painting:

Adrenaline Entertainment will be at MinCon to provide face painting for children!  The face painter will be dressed as the character Elsa the snow queen from the movie, Frozen.

Face Painting 1


Game Master Games (formerly The Game Table store and Game Master Grill restaurant in Mineola) will be running a gaming table during MinCon, and will be selling merchandise in the Dealers Room.


Dealers Room:

The Mineola Memorial Library’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Used Book Sale - buy science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels for only 10 cents per paperback, and 25 cents per hardcover!

Mineola Library

Anime Castle - an anime-related merchandise warehouse/showroom at 77 Searing Avenue, in Mineola.

Anime Castle


Chibichon - anime related goods as well as cute Japanese charms.

chibichon banner

Game Master Games - formerly The Game Table store and Game Master Grill restaurant in Mineola, now located in Hicksville.

Game Master Games


Goody Stuff - a store especially for cat/anime lovers, selling all items related to kitties and anime! This includes good luck kitty bracelet, charm, necklace which all are handmade! You can also have your good luck kitty items custom made on the spot! They also have a variety of cutie plush.

Goody Stuff

Kyoto Anime - imported anime merchandise such as small figurines, larger plastic statues, model kits, plush dolls, key and cell phone charms, and t-shirts.

Mythical Fair - anime, crystal and fantasy jewelry, steampunk merchandise, Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Emeralds, buttons and t-shirts.

Phoenix Comics & Collectibles - a comic book store at 107-5 Stewart Avenue in Hicksville.

Phoenix Comics & Collectibles


Chris Van Wickler - handmade medieval items.

Schedule: Tentative Schedule

MinCon is open to attendees of all ages, from all locations.

If you have any questions, or want to pre-register for MinCon (free of charge), please contact us with your information (name(s) and how many people are attending, including children, if any), addressed to “MinCon Staff” or “Attn: MinCon Staff”:

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