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Do you like science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, comics, gaming, or anime?  Then come join us at MinCon!  MinCon is a pop culture convention taking place at the Mineola Memorial Library.  Please check this page for future updates on MinCon 2015!

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When: Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where: Mineola Memorial Library, 195 Marcellus Rd., Mineola, NY 11501 (located in Mineola Memorial Park)
Map & Directions to Mineola Memorial Library

Floor Plan of the Mineola Memorial Library

Price: FREE

ParkingMineola Intermodal Center (located at the LIRR’s Mineola Station) ($6 per day, up to 20 hours)
Walking Directions from the Mineola Intermodal Center to the Mineola Memorial Library
Limited street parking, library parking lot (parking reserved for library employees, vendors, and artists)

Public Transportation: Take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to the Mineola Station, or the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) buses: N22, N23, N24, N40, N41, N78, and N79.
Walking Directions from the Mineola Intermodal Center to the Mineola Memorial Library

Map of Nearby Restaurants/Eateries

Map of Nearby Hotels

Nearby ATM Locations: American Community Bank (southeast corner of Marcellus Rd. & Jericho Turnpike), Bank of America (corner of Mineola Blvd. & Jericho Turnpike), Capital One Bank (Mineola Blvd., between Lincoln Ave. & Grant Ave.).

Map of Nearby ATM Locations

Costumes/Cosplay is encouraged!  Please read the Costumes/Cosplay Rules before attending.  By attending MinCon, you give your consent to be photographed and appear on camera for the press/media.  If you would like to join our Cosplay Contest, please see the Cosplay Contest Rules.


Empire Saber Guild - is the New York Temple of Saber Guild, an international Star Wars lightsaber performance and costuming organization. We are a Lucasfilm-recognized, not-for-profit fan group who performs at fan conventions, charity events, sporting events and official Star Wars events around the world.

We are choreographers, dancers, actors, artists, costumers, filmmakers and photographers, all who volunteer our time to share our love of Star Wars with the community. Our focus is on lightsaber performance for stage and film.

The Empire Saber Guild is scheduled to perform “The Force Experience,” showcasing the classic battle of Jedi versus Sith, and lightsaber training, from 1:00PM-2:00PM.  Suitable for families.
































Kazha - Kazha is a rock band formed by Japanese singer/songwriter Kazuha Oda.  Kazuha Oda was born in Japan, and spent her childhood in Brazil and U.S.A.  She started out as a solo singer in Japan, and had worked with wide variety of performers including grammy winning pianist Bob James.  She had worked on more than 20 records/projects in Japan until now.

In September 2009, Kazha released their first EP “Breath Through Your Dreams” and toured Japan and Korea.  With the release of their first album “Overture” in 2010, they made their first North America tour debuting at Asian Heritage Street Celebration in San Francisco, and went through 15,000 miles.  The band continues to tour around the world, including Europe, Mexico, as well as appearing at various festivals and conventions in USA including Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, Phoenix Comicon, KatsuCon, Nan Desu Kon, Ohayocon, Sacanime, and Saboten Con.

They released their 2nd album “Evolution,” and continue their musical adventure armed with their strong belief in their music and aspirations of achieving their goal.  Their music combines the softness of a falling feather, and the heaviness of a hurricane.

Kazha represents a new future of the world music: a fusion of cultures and musical view points that creates their sound.

Kazha is scheduled to perform a concert from 3:30PM-4:30PM.




Artists’ Alley:

Rebecca FedunA Long Island-based illustrator, Rebecca has worked on various projects in comics, video games/mobile apps, book illustrations, and animation.  Prints, buttons, stickers, and more featuring her artwork will be available at MinCon!

Rebecca Fedun


Rebecca Friedman - is the founder of GraphicAnime®.

As Director/Animator of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: RETURN TO MAYHEM, she animated a vignette inspired by the film THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES: GENESIS OF EVIL, that is based on characters appearing in THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES graphic novels. She has collaborated with creator and executive producer Bryan J. Kinnaird to create the animated short to a worldwide fan base of VC franchise enthusiasts.

Rebecca has animated and directed animated shorts for the radio personality The Greaseman Show and is the web comic illustrator for the Adaptation of Griffith Picture’s award winning movie “Cockpit:The Rule of Engagement.

With a Master of Science degree, Rebecca Friedman has freelanced with 3D Mirage in 3D modeling and 3D Animation. Her professional portfolio also includes 3D animation for the FIAO (Federation of Italian American Organization). Additionally, she is a writer, composer, character developer, programmer, college lecturer, and creator of LOVELY DEMON: DEMONIC- REAPER CHRONICLES, an original Manga comic book and cross-interactive media venture published under her GraphicAnime label and under her pen name ZANNY LANE®.

Rebecca Friedman

GentleMoonBell - Residing in the city that never sleeps, Melva Harris creates cute and cuddly Japanese inspired creations, including, but not limited to, plushies (stuffed animals), keychains, stickers, prints, and glassware.  Art blog: http://melvatoast.tumblr.com/

Kelly Gordon; Artist name McKel Supreme - an artist/writer, self-publisher and cofounder of Night and Day Anime Studios. A freelancer for over 10 years, McKel Supreme worked on a variety of projects and continues to promote and offer great quality work to his clients. But with the burning passion since a child to self-publish his own stories and drawings he set a goal to create a Indy comic book company called Night and Day Anime Studios. Author of his own urban anime comic book series called “Jus Blaze – Legend of the Fiery Fist!” It’s about a man with ability to manipulate fire at will with his fists in the urban slums of Brick City with no memory of his past. He is confronted by hoodlums, thugs and gangstas that always seem to gain notice of his abilities to the residents of Brick City. McKel does hope someday to have an animation series and video game based on his book. Want to see how HOT Jus Blaze truly is? Well come by Mineola’s MinCon to find out. You might JUS get burned. www.facebook.com/NightandDayAnime


Jen Scrimenti; Artist name J Scribble - Cofounder of Night and Day Anime Studios. Over the years, as a teen, she developed a passion for the arts through watching various Japanese anime cartoons, as well as through video games. The video game that gave her the most inspiration was the Megaman series. She was very interested in the game’s characters and use of storyline.  Today several of her characters have a Megaman style to them, as well as another one of her favorite animes; Dragonball Z. She began to draw around the age of 15, having no prior practice or lessons in how to draw. From watching anime and other cartoons, Jen also developed a liking for story writing. Linking these two skills together, she began to create her own comic series called Reign Star. A graphic novel about a little girl name Rainy. She is the Princess of her alien race called the Rubians. One day war struck her home planet. Her people extinguished due to an galactic tyrant who wants six sacred gems for the ultimate power. Want to hear more? Just come on by and check it out! www.facebook.com/Reignstar01


Karen Kaye Llamas - Freelance since 2007, with a focus on digital.

Rose Lux Studiosis a small media collaborative effort between graphic designer and cartoonist Rosa Roman and writer, film-maker, and entertainer Hero LuxIt was founded 2011 with the purpose of weaving visionary narratives, with stunning visuals, and bringing them to local audiences at a low and affordable cost. Since then they have been at several conventions in the New Jersey and New York area and are currently working on their third short film, two weekly web-strips, and other artistic endeavors.

Tom Traversis a Long Island based artist. Tom’s current passion project is bringing to life the adventures of his original character Battle Skull. Drop by to see an exciting variety of prints, art books, stickers and more!

Battle Skull Plate 14 Color Rescan 

More to come!

Gaming: TBD


The Mineola Memorial Library’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Used Book Sale - buy science fiction, fantasy, horror, and graphic novels for only 10 cents per paperback, and 25 cents per hardcover!

Bit Happensperler bead art based off comic books,anime, and video games, as well as a variety of other items.

ChibiChon - anime related goods as well as cute Japanese charms.

chibichon banner

Fantastical Fancies - Comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy jewelry and accessories.  Find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FantasticalFancies and Twitter @fantasyfancies

Jeni's Dragon Fantastical Fancies

Victoria Sierrahandmade anime related necklaces as well as other anime related products.

More to come!

Schedule: TBD

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MinCon is open to attendees of all ages, from all locations.

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